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Welcome to the Lake Fairlee Association‘s web site. We began this blog in 2007 to record our experience dealing with the invasive aquatic plant Eurasian milfoil.  The posts are chronological, with the newest on top, and can be searched by subject (under Categories) or by date (under Past Posts).  There are also pages, which are more general in content.

Over time the scope of this blog expanded to include other activities and interests of the Lake Fairlee Association.  See, for example, the posts in the categories Lake Environment or The Dam.

Like most blogs, this one is organized with the most recent entries at the beginning. If you are new to this one, it might make more sense to read them chronologically. You can do this by clicking on the “Past Posts” button on the right and selecting “May 2007”, scrolling down to the end, and reading from the bottom up.

You will note that over the past few years postings to this website have become sporadic.  Although we hope that it will become reinvigorated, it still contains a wealth of information.  And there is current information with details about our 2018 herbicide treatment.

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