Year One Herbicide Report

Report from Lycott Environmental, Inc.

In late August biologists from Lycott conducted another scientific survey of Lake Fairlee, collecting data on plant species at 120 pre-determined points around the lake.  Their report to the State was published yesterday. Since the June 2nd treatment of the lake, the spread of milfoil has decreased from 26% of the lake to just about 0%.  By any measure our treatment has been a success.  There are links to download the complete report below.

We must temper this very good news with caution.  First, the report mentions that several plants which appeared dead were sending out new green sprouts.  We are advised by the scientists that unless these shoots can take root in the bottom of the lake they will not survive the winter.  Nonetheless they represent new milfoil growth, and cause for worry.  Second, we know that even if we start next spring with absolutely no milfoil growing in the lake, it is only a matter of time until it is reintroduced, despite our best efforts to the contrary.

Download the full report here: (these are pdf files)

In sum, we congratulate ourselves and offer heartfelt thanks to our many supporters.  Next year we will start the season with another thorough survey, ready to take whatever steps necessary to prevent the lake from being again taken over.