Year Two Aquatic Vegetation Survey Report

Lycott Environmental has submitted their Aquatic Vegetation Survey Report to the State.  Jumping to the chase, here is the conclusion of their report:

The surveys conducted in 2011, the year following herbicide treatment of 120 acres of E. Milfoil in the littoral zone of Lake Fairlee, show that the treatment both significantly reduced the distribution of E. Milfoil and allowed for continued growth of non-target, native species. Of the thirteen (13) species observed during the 2009 pre-management survey, more than half were observed at the same or greater densities during the September 2011 survey.

Although E. Milfoil was documented at only one of the data points surveyed during September 2011, growth of this invasive species extends beyond this single point. Additional work conducted by Lycott as part of the Lake Fairlee Association’s management efforts, including diver surveys and hand-pulling efforts, have further mapped distribution of E. Milfoil. The details of these surveys and additional management efforts conducted under 2009-C08 HB will be provided with the forthcoming ‘Final Report for Year Two of Eurasian Milfoil Management in Lake Fairlee’.

The entire report is available HERE.  It is a 23 page pdf file with color graphs and maps.

PLEASE NOTE: We are very cautious about the low incidence of milfoil reported here.  This survey collected data only at predefined locations.  We have reason to believe that the “Final Report” mentioned above will show more milfoil.  In addition, we are watching closely the experience of our sister Lake Morey, which will again be treating portions of their lake with tricopyr next summer, as milfoil is regrowing vigorously in the north end of the lake.

Click above to download the entire report