Taking Care of the Mermaid Weed

On Wednesday, May 16th, scientists from the State and from Lycott visited Lake Fairlee to inspect the area near the mouth of Middle Brook where the milfoil was growing densely at the lend of last season.  They were looking in particular for the presence of mermaid weed, which was identified in that area in 2008, and which is designated a rare plant in Vermont.

The red dots in the picture below show where E. milfoil was found this week.  The red line delineates the area proposed to be treated on June 6th.

click above for larger image

Mermaid weed was found in abundance, which is evidence that it survived the triclopyr treatment in 2010.  The green dots in the aerial view above indicate where it was found this week.  The red dots show where E. milfoil is growing.  To protect the mermaid weed from the effects of the herbicide we are planning to install a plastic barrier (yellow lines above) extending the full height of the water column — only about 12″ to 18″ here.