Shoreline Grants Update

As reported earlier [LINK], LFA has been awarded two grants this year which support our efforts to preserve the health of our lake.  A lot has already happened behind the scenes, and soon we will begin the visible work.

– – –

The Better Backroads Grant continues work begun last fall, when volunteers began restoration of the shoreline along Robinson Hill Road [LINK].  This month we will stabilize the same section of shoreline to reduce erosion at the waterline.  The project requires that we first install a silt fence in the water to contain turbidity.  Next medium size stones (6-12″) will be placed on the lake bottom to create a stable toe of slope and a base to place fill on.  These rockes will protrude a foot above the high water line.  Fabric will be laid on top of these, and then fill sloping up to the top of the bank. Finally more shrubs and vegetation will be planted, and the slope seeded and mulched to minimize erosion.

This all should be completed by the end of September. The Town of Thetford will transport and deposit the rocks and the fill, and volunteers will install the silt fence, the fabric, and do the planting.

– – –

The Watershed Grant from the Department of Fish and Wildlife will pay for the restoration of riparian buffers along three sections of lakeshore.  As we have explained [LINK], a “buffer” of native vegetation along the water’s edge separates the uphill land uses from the lake and benefits water quality.  We have identified three properties around the lake which will benefit from additional lakeshore planting.  Each presents a different challenge.  We will post before and after photos when we report on the completion of the project.

An example of a well vegetated residential shoreline