New Herbicide Resource Page

In the summer of 2009 the Lake Fairlee Association first seriously considered the use of an herbicide to control our milfoil.  To help us decide how best to care for the lake we collected the best information we could find about what we called “the chemical alternative.”  Links to various sources are scattered through this blog, and appear in numerous posts.

To make it easier to find this information we have created a new resource page, where we will collect these links.  You can find this page at the top of the right column of this blog, under ‘Pages,’ where it is called Herbicide Resource, or you get there by clicking HERE.

In addition we have recently added a new “Category,” also in the column on the right, under “Milfoil Erradication,” called “Herbicide.”  Click that link to see an archive of every page related to the question of chemicals in the lake.

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