Public Meeting set for October 14th

At our request, Lycott Enviromental, Inc., has conducted a comprehensive survey of Lake Fairlee.  They are preparing a report, which will provide us with a detailed analysis of the milfoil and other plants in the lake.  This survey is also required by the State as part of an application to use an herbicide next summer, should we pursue that option.

We hope to receive the report by early October, and are eager to learn its conclusions.  We have scheduled this meeting  to share it with the public.  We have invited Lee Lyman, the founder and president of Lycott, to join us.  He will answer questions about milfoil control, about herbicide use, and about his firm.

The meeting will be held at the West Fairlee Community Center, located just to the right of Bean Hall (bright red roof) on Route 113 in West Fairlee. [MAP]  We will begin promptly at 7:00 pm and will not go beyond 9:00 pm.