List of Endorsers Grows

A few weeks ago we began asking our members and friends to lend their names in support of our decision to use an herbicide in the lake this spring.  We are gratified by the number of people who have stepped forward and endorsed our plan. Among those we have enlisted so far:

  • The directors of all four childrens’ camps around the lake
  • Four MD’s who live on the lake
  • The Thetford Conservation Commission
  • The West Fairlee Health Officer

A few people we have asked have declined, explaining that they are unable to endorse any chemical use, even though they understand the reasoning behind our decision.  Most realize that if left unchecked, the milfoil threatens to progressively impede our enjoyment of our lake, eventually rendering it unusable for boating and swimming.  The proposed herbicide treatment offers the possibility of regaining control of our lake so that we can stay ahead of the milfoil by traditional means.

HERE is the list of those who have offered their names in support of our plan.

Thank you to all those who have already responded.  If you have not yet indicated your approval, please email your assent to

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