About this Blog

The Lake Fairlee Association has been working to control and eradicate milfoil in our lake for more than fifteen years. A team of divers employs hand pulling, suction harvesting, and bottom barriers to remove the nuisance of milfoil. This Blog is being initiated in the summer of 2007 to provide a current record of milfoil related activities and to better inform lake residents and users.

We believe that better communication will help our program. Lake users will better understand the milfoil problem and can learn what they can do to help. Lakeshore owners can keep abreast of the divers’ activities and short term plans.

This blog does not have the “comments” feature enabled, as it is not intended to be a forum for discussion, but a vehicle to share information. Please address any constructive comments and discussion to me via email. Worth while ideas will be published in the blog.

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