Initial Inspection and Report

On September 25th, 2012, an engineer from Gomez and Sullivan inspected the dam.  In late October the Tri-Town Committee received their report.

What the Report Concludes

  • The dam is in generally poor condition.
  • A significant amount of water is flowing through a horizontal crack on the face of the auxiliary spillway.  (the portion of the dam north of the house)
  • Much of the concrete on the downstream face has fallen off.
  • The principal spillway is in good condition.  (dam south of house)
  •  The deterioration of the concrete on the auxiliary spillway poses a structural risk, because freeze/thaw cycles can accelerate the deterioration and lead to failure.
  • Proper repair would cost so much that “reconstruction of a sound structure would provide the best investment.”
  • Remedial measures should be taken within 1-2 years to repair or reconstruct the auxiliary spillway.

Additional studies will be needed prior to determining the best solution:

  • Location of new dam; (might not be present location)
  • Location of cofferdam needed during construction;
  • Subsurface investigation; (where is ledge, consolidated fill, etc)
  • Topographic survey;
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic analysis – gallons per minute under 100 year flood conditions required for State permit.


Water pouring through the crack in the auxiliary spillway


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