Winter 2010 Newsflakes

Welcome to the 2010 Newsflakes!

We did not set any records this winter except, perhaps, for the least amount of snow to fall.  For skiers, winter 2010 has been a real disappointment.  Ice skaters, however, have been able to enjoy the lake most of the winter, skating their way around all of the ice fishing huts sprinkled up and down the lake.

It’s February 26th today and the lake is still frozen solid or at least the fisherman believe it is because they are still driving their trucks and/or cars out to their “bob houses,” despite days of above freezing temperatures and rain.The big excitement this winter, for those lucky enough to see them, has been the number of eagles sighted flying over the lake in the hope that they can snag a fish away from a distracted fisherman.

A  couple of weeks ago, I watched out my kitchen window while three brown eagles took turns landing on the ice to harass a fourth eagle who was tightly clutching a fish in its talons.  After repeated dive bombing attempts failed to scare the eagle into letting go of the fish, one of the larger eagles clumsily moseyed on up to his sibling and shoved him in the chest with his large talons.   Nothing doing – the eagle held fast and merely rotated around and started to pick at the fish for lunch. Then, just when I decided to get my camera, a bald eagle came down for a landing and I couldn’t take my eyes off of the spectacle. Five eagles all together right under my nose!  It was too thrilling a moment to leave and get the camera.

The following day I walked out on the ice to talk to the fishermen about what I had seen only to learn that they have been throwing their “small” catches out on the ice to lure the eagles in and some had even planted fish on top of their huts so they could watch these magnificent, birds come in for a landing or a pass over.  I learned that most days, the eagles can be seen in the  afternoon around the corner of Rte 244 and West Fairlee Road.  A real eagle “hang out.”   And, there are six eagles flying around – a pair of bald eagles and four brown youths.  For those who do not know already, eagles do not grow white heads and tail feathers until after they reach the age of four.

On the herbicide front, the Lake Fairlee Board is awaiting news from the State regarding our application for a permit for the Lycott company to treat the milfoil with tryclopyr in late May or early June.  Click here for the Lake Fairlee blog for further updates.

It is also the intention of the Lake Fairlee board to continue the greeter program 3 days a week at the public access area to educate boat owners about the importance of washing their boats if they have been in any other body of water before entering our lake and most certainly washing them after they have been in our lake.  We must do all we can to stop the spread of milfoil, especially if we can eradicate the milfoil this summer.

In other news, we are working with graphic artist Matt Aquino to draw a map of the lake showing all the cottage/camp/homeowner sites around the lake which  we hope to have for sale at the annual dinner this year.  If your camp has a special name you would like to have included along with your name, please let me know.

Two “save the dates” for summer 2010:  our annual dinner will be held on July 10th at Horizons and the annual donor cocktail party will be held on August 14th at the home of Jeannie Baer and Michael Miller, one of the newest houses built at the east end of the lake.

Last year we featured an article and photo on the Betty-Anne Inn written by Doris Honing of Middlebrook Road about days gone by on Lake Fairlee.

This year, we are including photos of the new house being built on that site, at the end of lake near West Fairlee Road and Route 244.  They were taken while the house was still under construction on a dreary February day so, no doubt, the house will look even better by the time most of you arrive for the summer.

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Newsflakes also has an article written several years ago by Dorothy Worfolk at the request of El Wilson on her memories of Camp Passumpsic.  Ready, set, turn your clocks back again!  Click HERE to read more.
See you in summer 2010.
Suzy Kerr
President, Lake Fairlee Association

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